God the Father and Jesus Christ are NOT replacement Fathers

According to pew research studies the numbers do not lie. The two parent family has been in decline the past 50 decades. There has been an increase in divorces, remarriages, women both not having children and also becoming the breadwinners. The most recent study in 2014 shows a combined 31 percent of children either in a single parent or no parent environment.

I sympathize with all these parenting mothers and the children because I myself grew up in a single parented household. As a family we struggled to maintain basic needs, my mother even having to demoralize her values wanting so badly to give my brother and I everything. She wanted so badly for the two of us to have the best of the best. But in the process it brought forth so much chaos and ruin to be involved with deceitful men. The story of how I lost my father is a story in of itself, but the point here is that God the Father and the Son Jesus Christ could never replace the responsibilities of a family man.

God the Father and Jesus Christ are continually used in sermons as a father to the fatherless to inspire single parent moms and hopeless youths seeking light and true wisdom in what everyone gossips is the end of the days. This is cheap snake-oils salesmen talk, when the real cure can found by observing our everyday behaviors, planning ahead, and working together.

God the father and Jesus Christ are NOT even vocational teachers. They don’t teach how to build a home or even chairs, law or fallacy, any sort of mechanical maintenance, and the only team sport is war. When actually applying what God the father represents, God represent all creation and the laws all creation follows. Jesus Christ as a carpenter building a table and set of chairs represented the stability of God’s creation, and that we are all welcome to sit at Gods creation.

The only thing they do teach because they represent the drama which is creation are the moral, value and virtue implications in which we as conscious beings abide by. So whether one grew up with a father or not this person still experiences guilt, pleasure, lust, pride, and so forth.

Children who had father figures teaching vocational lessons throughout their life may not be as attune to the spiritual Being that creation had been conditioning all throughout their life. Their brains cognition being more fixed on a primary task rather than the world around them. Because compared to a child who was fatherless experiencing the order and chaos of the world, without the distraction of vocational works, peer pressure and works had been pulled toward extremes in either direction. There would be periods in life of extreme order and pleasure, and then periods of angst, depression or anxiety. Eventually bouncing back and forth those who have learned to observe their behavior, plan ahead, and work with others become spiritually attune and peace is upon them no matter if chaos ensues or order becomes totalitarian.

Can those who grow up with no father learn great works, absolutely! One just has to do it, ask for help if you feel the need to, make sure to plan and learn from your mistakes. Remember, as a child myself I never has a father to learn mistakes from or to teach me the plan. Even the bible stories don’t have the correct plans for gardening, or how to drive a motorized vehicle. But the bible teaches how the creations instils values like patience and courage to do such things if we stay immovable and listen.


Should Women Teach, According to The Bible

Too many times have I heard about Christian men boasting they have authority over women because the Holy Bible says. The Holy Bible does not clarify squat about the specifics whether a woman can have a voice or not. For any one person who actually has read the Holy Bible, not just gone to church maybe you will understand well that God the father has the same calling for all His people, not just certain aspects for men and some for women. There are so many verses listed throughout several books in the bible that describe woman in the church. Woman should remain silent, ask first before speaking, or never usurp authority from a man-most letters and messages Paul had cooked up throughout the Roman world.

It was a common in ancient culture to keep women in the home, to make women the caretaker and view woman as a beacon of purity. But once a women was “unclean”; divorced, not a virgin or had a disease she was avoided. Men had more power over woman. Eventually Jesus Christ, set everything right and changed the way we view woman. When Jesus of Nazareth entered the picture, he did not turn away from a divorced woman, or a sick woman like most men of that time had done. Jesus went to her, saving her and healing her with the Holy Spirit. These women became a testimony themselves of Jesus Christ and his glory. How could they remain silent, and why would Christ not want that testimony to be heard?


Below is a few verses from two letters that particular describe women’s role in the church. They may seem pretty harsh and sexist if one reading is thinking that way. Ask yourself, why am I thinking that way? Did not God call us all to be together in His name? How can we do such a thing if we shut one gender up and give the other power over another.

1 Timothy 2:12 – But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

1 Corinthians- 34-35Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but [they are commanded] to be under obedience, as also saith the law.And if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

1 Corinthians 14:34 – Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but [they are commanded] to be under obedience, as also saith the law.

This is why it is important to read the whole bible…it shares that all creation and those created in His image apply to the same commandments, and choice of salvation through Christ Jesus. Included that all men and women are subject to all ethical and moral judgement written in this book. No man or woman can have profound change, even hold authority with a strong hand without shutting up and listening to one another once awhile, or holding your breath before you speak or make a decision. The wisdom in the bible is for both genders.

Lamentations 3:26 – [It is] good that [a man] should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD.

Proverbs 17:28 – Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: [and] he that shutteth his lips [is esteemed] a man of understanding.

Proverbs 29:11 – A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise [man] keepeth it in till afterwards.

Know this…how could Jesus both alive, and resurrected not have changed women’s lives, creating teachers or preachers. They had a testimony, He is risen, Jesus is here! The kingdom of heaven is at hand they would of said. So knowing that Jesus Christ will always love you, He is always in your heart, share that with everyone. It will teach the world love and kindness.





Living Unmarried A Sin?

Being a struggling middle age male unable to drive because of a disorder,  also with a poverty level income unable to afford rent and utilities had always made me consider the possibility of roommates. To obviously help pay the bills, share responsibilities and carpool. Most importantly in finding a roommate I always consider them to be godly and a believer in Jesus Christ. The reason knowing that their behavior would be a reflection of Christ Jesus and the acts of His disciples. Before I was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ I had roomed with other people, and I am done with the night after night drinking parties, the piles of dishes and trash that never gets cleaned, and the piles of cloths that are never washed. All things are always a mess with those that are of the world, and are never willing to compromise and sacrifice as Christ Jesus did.

Many churches may still prohibit the behavior of co-ed Christians living together, even not allow them to become members of the church if they are unmarried. This is because those living together are said to be living in sin due to the temptation being in the heart and mind always. It is not only a deed that is a sin but also how the heart is defiled. This is why it is important to purify the heart. It is wise to take understanding that the temptation of lust, which can bring forth fornication which is a sin in the eyes of God if the two are not one flesh (married) before God. Here are some verse throughout the scripture in the KJV.

Hebrews 13:4 – Marriage [is] honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

Galatians 5:19 – Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are [these]; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,

Ephesians 5:5 – For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and of God.

Matthew 19:9 – And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except [it be] for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.

1 John 1:9 – If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

This is how it works…living unmarried is not a sin, but it is one step closer toward sin since temptation is knocking at the bedroom door. Cheating on your wife is a sin which is a no-brainer for many, and cheating and lying is a sin. Doing such things makes the soul unclean and when the soul is unclean your spirit can’t get into heaven if your flesh which holds your spirit did die. This is why Jesus Christ died for all mankind, so we can be forgiven of such sin as fornication and lust, or lies. Believe in Jesus Christ, and that He came to die on the cross to save you from your sins, and that He rose from the grave defeating death so you may have eternal life too.


What should anybody do then in the situation? Most certainly pray, but it seems likely there are two options. Either live separately till you get married or live together till marriage. This is why prayer will help and the Lord will help sort out the situation.

If you do live together I would recommend praying with one another daily, and participating in worship with another. But it is most important to hold onto chastity, refraining from any sexual intercourse until marriage. This way the relationship will bloom into what Christ Jesus stood for, sharing joys and burdens, being strong for one another with no complaints. What that spirit God brings into the relationship will echo onto how you treat friends, family, and strangers. There will be times sexual feelings for another occur as often as it would not living with another, it is best tell another about your feelings and contend to the scriptures. Do not be scared to lose toxic people in your lives either. You may find that your partner does not read well with one of your friends-maybe they are a toxic person. The many relationships that believe pleasure from sex is what defines a relationship, a hedonistic philosophy are only fooling themselves for a tangy orgasm, as much as the first puff the cigarette then the rest is regret. The Joy, Hope and Love felt from the Holy Spirit never stops penetrating.

God Can Make Fools Wise

Written by Talon Moser

God does make fools wise, while the world makes fools worse off. The individual themselves has only but the choice to accept that God has a plan for them, or they can try to take control of their life. Every time, no matter heritage, family stature or income life cannot be controlled, God is always going to take control. There is only so many times one can buy themselves out of a situation or run. Eventually one reaps what they sow, and this is when God enters your life. So will you accept Him into your heart when at your weakest this time? Many do not when they are at their highest. God doesn’t discriminate, He loves His children no matter what happened. All God wants is for each and every one of us is to come back home. But for that to happen we must accept Him into our life. The only way for this to occur is through His son Jesus Christ, the Son that died for mankind’s sins. God sent His beloved son down to His creation to die so that we may live and have eternal life, to live in the heavenly kingdom once separate from the flesh and sin. Have faith and believe that Jesus Christ lived, died and resurrected defeating death so that we may live.

Difference Between Wisdom and Knowledge

We only have two choices, either to believe in the word of God or not to believe in the word of God. Those who do not believe in God, then believe in the world and worldly things. The bible says those who have faith in the world are fools, and those who have faith in Christ Jesus will become wise through God. Seeking wisdom is different from having information, knowledge, or an imagination. The world had been corrupted once Adam and Eve believed they knew better than God, believing they knew right from wrong and good from evil. We are all born into this world, therefore we are all corrupted born into this creation. Those who do not believe or not know the word of God only believing in information, knowledge and imagination always fall victim to wickedness, or ‘for a longer term’-a need to control and explain how and why experiences had occurred during life. This type of mentality leads to all sorts of mental illnesses and behaviors; anxiety, depression, narcissist, pride, violence, greed, OCD, impatient, social problems, role model issues, malevolence, idol worship, ungratefulness. And the list continues with more pessimistic minds and cynostic philosophies.

What exactly does it mean to be wise?

I could simply say to rely completely on God. Jesus said not to worry about food or drink to his followers, mentioning “do you see the birds of the air or the animals of the field worry about how they eat”? If the father in heaven provides for the beasts of the earth surly He will provide for you. It means never worry, no matter how complicated or chaotic life may become or seem in the mind. There may be a world war happening now, or one occurring inside your head, but what is actually happening is a spiritual battle. A battle between God and the devil, while the devil distracts you with worldly things steering you away from God. God is trying to bring you back to the Holy Spirit, to pray. Wisdom is not about how much a person knows on Jeopardy, or how well a chess player they are. Wisdom is about survival, and how well the mind, heart and spirit can handle the elements God put in their way. Think about this- what happens to Job in the book of Job. How would you react if all things were stripped from you; your belongings, cloths, health, family, wealth, friends, everything. Would you still pray to God?, or would you curse God? Being honest with yourself always helps your relationship with God. In such a process through taking everything from an individual God can make a fool wise.

Turning a Fool Wise

My two favorite examples how God turned fools wise are King Nebuchadnezzar and the Apostle Paul. First King Nebuchadnezzar, King of the Babylonian Empire was prideful, greedy, violent and arrogant. A Jew Daniel at the time who interpreted the kings dreams had told the king they were a message from the one true God. The king in his arrogance ignored the plea from Daniel to make any changes in his faith. King Nebuchadnezzar instead built a golden statue for all to worship, and tried burning Daniels brothers in a furnace. Eventually God sent Nebuchadnezzar into the wild to feed like the beasts of the wild for 7 years only then he will know the one true God. Nebuchadnezzar years later after being in the wilderness had finally sought and accepted the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Taking his throne back Nebuchadnezzar had given his life to the King of Heaven realizing that everything built in the Babylonian Empire was not done by his hand but by the works of our heavenly father.

Another great example is the Apostle Paul who was formally known as Saul while he was a Roman solider. As Saul, he persecuted Christians for believing and following the teachings of Jesus Christ. Saul was an educated man, knowing how to read and write many languages. It wasn’t till one day on horseback as Saul was going down a trail, our Lord and savior appeared to Saul asking “why do you persecute my people”? The light, or something had blinded Saul. He could no longer see. Blind and disabled, no longer fit for duty, the once Saul had begun a new chapter when he had help from the same Christian community he persecuted. They were hesitant at first, but knew that Jesus taught to love your enemies and those that persecute you.

A series of miraculous changes occurred for Saul once he gave his life to God. He changed his name to Paul, his sight came back and he dedicated his life to spread the gospel. And Paul did keep to his promise to spread the gospel, even though threats, and imprisonment complicated things Paul knew the Lord our God was in control.

There is a pattern that God follows. God takes broken people, those who have succumbed to the views of the world and turns them around for good works. For what was meant for evil, God used for Good. You will never find this wisdom on a blueprint or under a microscope. If you ever feel your emotions fleeting, your stress overwhelming, or that God is putting too much into an agenda you can’t see or don’t have plans for. Accept it, you must. This is God giving you the spotlight, an opportunity to change and let God take the wheel. You may not have the skills, knowledge or experience, but have faith that God will guide you. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to make you courageous through works of faith, were no blueprint or microscope is necessary.

Satan’s Super Bowl Sunday

Football is an American pastime, which has grown into more than just game strategy, teamwork, and fandom. But football has changed, not because of player trades or deflate gate, or kneeling for the pledge of allegiance- it is something more sinister, something hiding in plain sight. Ever since the television and Internet has been used advertising players, and marketing teams. Corporations have been waiting for the moment every year, Super Bowl Sunday to blast the entire country with the best content they have for products.

Have you ever tried picking apart your favorite movie, cartoon, a commercial, a halftime show; the music, lyrics, script, body language, back-drop, props, or co-stars- the devil is always in the details. There will always be a product or agenda to sell to the public. And if you are not vigilant the mind will soak up the content with ease into the subconscious to expel for another time. Usually when there is a trigger. This is how most vices or sin are introduced into the mind, from television shows first as a visual innuendo or satire- cartoons, gross images or comical skits work best because it gets the viewers’ attention (fight or flight). It also depends on the demographic.

Later in age those easily impressionable skits subconsciously connect the dots in the minds cognition for you but in an irrational manner. For example, as a child watching a commercial promoting a game called Crossfire, it was shot frame by frame quickly giving the effect the game was very thrilling. They also put flames bursting in the commercial for the same added effect. Every kid wanted the game. Turned out it wasn’t as thrilling and got boring quick.

In television, a cartoon I watched called Ren and Stimpy had sexual innuendos, anger, rape, theft, and death throughout the cartoon. As I got older like most men I had a huge problem with lust, anger, hate, greed, and fear. This was only from one show I watched off television. There are many like this promoting many sins and agendas.

Many people in the U.S have televisions, even more than one, and I’m sure they will all be tuned into the Super Bowl, either to watch the game, the half time show or the commercials. But I say to all of you. Do not be fooled! Many of those watching will be filled with alcohol and snacks which is a conduit to help the programming of the mind but stay vigilant. If you truly want to be free, guard your mind first.


To those who believe the actors and creators of these movies, shows, cartoons, music and ads should be praised, should be role models and put on a pedestal you are fooled. Their actions are opposite that of God, and they do only to please themselves and their handlers, not their fans. I advise any of you to do independent research.


fear is a powerful emotion.

Fear of Never Achieving Anything at All

Fear of Never Graduating

Fear of Never Finding a Job

Fear of Never Finding Love

Fear of Being the Underdog

Fear of Taking a Risk

Fear of Being Wrong

Fear of Death

Fear of Global Warming

Fear of Famine

Fear of War

Fear of Never Having Children

Fear of losing Your Family

Fear of losing Your Career

Fear of losing Your Bank Account

Fear of losing Your Friends

Fear of Having Nothing

Fear of Being Homeless

Fear of Always Feeling Broken

Fear of Being Alone

Fear of Feeling Lonely

Fear of Surrendering

Fear That There is Hope

Fear of God


-see this short list, many people suppress these emotions until eventually they snap. Don’t let that be you. Seek God.

Telepathy: The Next Era in Human Communication

Written by Talon Moser

Do you think the Internet is the last mark for human communication, or that human beings are capable of creating another step and putting their foot on that step without thinking about the repercussions? I think it is possible and that this next step is telepathy.

I remember when we received our first computer in the mid 90s, though I can’t recall the brand, but I know compared to 21st century technology it is now trash. At the time I was an ecstatic young boy just happy to play more video games, and then a few years later we had gotten the Internet. Only 32 percent of people owned a computer during that time, and now almost 2020 almost 90 percent have a way to connect to the Internet.

The Internet is both your typical and strange plane of existence if anyone is to take time to explore it. I’m sure there is an infinite amount of content and opinions to view and learn from, one can never get bored only exhausted from looking through the world wide web and it is exhausting.

Continually I hear individuals reminisce about their childhood and teenage youth, a sort of nostalgia through what the net calls ‘memes’ and how the technology of that time hadn’t much effect upon their lives as it does now on the 21st century generation. Conversations are much all the same, more or less alike about individuals’ behaviors and attitudes; not playing outdoors enough or a decreasing attention span than all the previous years due to gradually advances in technology like computers, phones, cars, TVs or radios. I myself use a computer to write continually, it is my practical application and I have nothing against those that know code to keep the website up so my blog stays posted. But I kept an open-mind because certain trends I have noticed. But it has nothing to do with driving and texting, or using your phone too much and depression, sorry. I’ll write another post for those ones.

I was asked what I could recall about my past, about how much different I felt reality. I told the gentlemen it was all the same to me. That there have been gradual modifications in technology going from analog to digital, standard definition to high definition, and the gradual increases in increments such as battery life, CPU, memory, RAM, GPU, etc. This was all due in the process to explore Gods creation having use and manipulate the material on His creation to create new synthetics for advanced technology. Though I have heard other theories that ‘the fallen angels’ have been giving human beings this new technology or a way to process it gradually throughout the years.

But I said to the men after a deep thought, what truly changes a civilization is not a simple technology such as a phone or television-it is a way of communication, when language is introduced. I explained to them that I truly remembered when the Internet was introduced, (World Wide Web) that was a profound time for me. It was not the introduction of the Discman, Sega Genesis, or PlayStation, it was the first-time people could communicate all sorts of information seamlessly through chat pages and web pages, to share ideas, base opinions, gossip, hook-up or cause trouble.
The next era of human communication I believe will be the discovery of telepathy. An ability for an individual to hear another’s thoughts and transmit their thoughts toward another seamlessly. It would be like Facebook without the phone, computer or VR headset; but instead a microchip in the head. I don’t think VR will go too far due to covering the eyes. VR will have its great purposes. But a device, a microchip in the brain to send signals to a group of individuals can help in medicine, and the military…the two main fields this technology will first start to be used and developed first. This I’m sure of before they will sell it to the public. The internet was used in the military and for medicine before introduced to the public, this is why I believe the same will happen for the next stage of communication.
I am sure it will have many problems. And that this is something the Bible warns of. For we are sinners and if our thoughts are not pure, not Christ like this new tech even though it may trend will create frustration, Hate and violence. Individuals able to hear the thoughts of another, of lust, hate, greed, pride, etc. can turn into all sorts of interesting lawsuits, hate crimes and crude behavioral acts.
The exact opposite will happen too. Innovation and ideas will converge and multiply. These amazing ideas will bloom and be created. Compassion and empathy will find each other. Alike minds all ambitious and truly selfless will find each other to create great things.