Not Out of the Woods Yet?

Written by Talon O. Moser

Imagine being surrounded by the forest, shadowing from the back and all sides around with only a tiny ledge that goes below before you. All you see is a thick fog and darkness as you look over the ledge, and nothing but fog in the sight of the horizon. You cry out for help, but only hear the echo against the mountain walls and the flutter of birds flying off. Still no visibility as you can tell. Would you turn back into the tall darkness of the forest or kneel and pray at the ledge? Maybe try to climb down, or take a step off the ledge praying there is an invisible platform like in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.

That first step off the ledge is the major leap of faith accepting Jesus Christ as your savior. Not only salvation but telling others by being baptized and sharing the good news. This is when believers lift the veil stepping onto nothing, an invisible platform, the palms of the Lord because He holds us in His hands. We can still look back at the woods, but the further we go forward, the forest grows into the fog. Each step on this platform is very difficult. You are walking a plank, a clear, practically invisible plank that is. Each step we take is a step toward the father, and each step is a change in the right direction of purity. But this does not mean each step may not make us stumble, may not make one want to turn back, and back toward the worlds temptations. It is better to stumble walking toward the Lord than to be lost in the woods.

God bless 🙏

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