See Gods Wisdom When in Peril; Job the Sovriegn Sufferer

Written by Talon O. Moser

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28

I realized Gods wisdom is not a miraculous phenomenon obtained through accepting Jesus Christ as my savior. I began to understand Gods wisdom as I read the books of the Bible and through constant prayer. This in-depth understanding of Gods greatness, power and wisdom in the word helped me understand what salvation meant and how salvation came unto me as an innate energy through suffering.

We all suffer and suffer we shall in diverse circumstances that the mind compiles intojob meaning, but what matters most is the cure for this grievance. I, like all humans first turned toward the world for comfort; food, sex and television, false ideologies; tarot and astrology then finally Jesus Christ; the truth, the way and life. Looking in my past I laugh as I realize how God had placed several people in my life showing me the saving grace of the Lord but I was still naive.

One of my favorite wisdom books is the book of Job. Unlike Job I have to practice prayer, and worship God during times of suffering no matter how long or how bad. Job is an excellent role model for a ‘sovereign sufferer’ because he praised God even though his family, house, farm and physical appearance was taken from him. Many are unlike Job, in fact I have a history of challenging God when everything had gone wrong or felt like everything was going wrong. Many people ponder these common questions throughout their lives, more likely when facing a crisis-why do bad things happen to good people?, why do bad people get away with so much?, and how can a good God let this happen?
Romans 8:28 simply answers these questions in the simple verse telling readers to focus on Gods love rather than what is obviously being subtracted from you. If I was to focus only on the world; my job, computer, clothing, vacations, holiday, pets, etc. and all these possessions stripped away I would become lost. Without God’s love and redemption through His son Jesus Christ, negative thoughts and behavior would consume me bringing forth a cynical perspective hating God, even hating the world, and still I would try to become part of the world again; seeking more money, fine cloths and lust. And this is what creates that war in the mind…I would now hate the world, yet here I am apart of it and with no love of God. And still with those questions unanswered. Job continued to praise God despite his suffering and his friends judgment. Job departed from the world and still accepted Gods love even when many would think God was punishing him. At the end of the book Job, Job was given everything back sevenfold, more than he had before.

We also must not forget that when our ancestors ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, we now confuse what is good and what is evil. Only God knows the truth of what is good for his creation for He made it good in the beginning, and only through His son Jesus Christ will we know truth and wisdom from the father. None of which can be discerned from the world.

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