Christ in Christmas

Written by Talon O. Moser

We are halfway through the holiday season, just after thanksgiving giving thanks to our Lord for His body being bruised, beaten and broken-and His blood spilt to remind us of the sacrifice He made, the promise He kept so we sinners may have redemption in His name. And my spirit grieves every year about this time, while most of western culture is clueless about the meaning of these practices and wisdom as it is all blemished in front of our face at this very moment; the last supper meal, blessings, gift of salvation and our savior Jesus Christ all being used in deception turning the spirit away from truth, away friend m God. But this time of year is always more a spiritual battle between God and the devil than what the world wars we know to understand. A battle of influence over our very souls every year.

Now with Christmas approaching, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord, many of which know is the meaning of, but still follow pagan practices during this time. This waters down born again Christians relationship in Christ including the rest of Gods people, putting a blemish on the value of this celebration. And a bad reputation on what a relationship with Christ really represents.


“And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft in his quiver hath he hid me” Isaiah 49:2

Three major problems during the Christmas season that most Jews and gentiles, even those claiming to have a relationship with Jesus Christ get wrong.

1. The decoration of a christmas tree is not a Christian symbol or practice, it is not a symbol or a gift from God rewarding you, it is purely a pagan ritual.


Even though this verse describes carving a statue and decorating the statue without bringing it into the home. Today’s ignorant culture of convenience plays on these same rituals but without the extra steps of cutting it down, carving the wood, and nailing it to the ground. With electricity in-house, string lights become the silver and gold that we adore. The tree becomes an idol in which the family comes together, instead of together in Jesus Christ. Can you put your burdens unto a tree? Can a tree save or redeem you from your sin? Can you feel the irony in which satan has done here? Satan has brought the very thing Christ was hung on into your home, and now you light it up and worship it without realizing Christ should be the centerpiece.


2. The repeating lie of Santa Claus, his workers, shop, and flying reindeer as if he was god himself with angels, gifting miracles to everyone needs to stop. This is an insane lie everyone plays on themselves and towards each other; adults and children. As if we all were in denial for this season of 30+ days about how miracles actually occur, and how God works in our life. By replacing all things done and surveyed by a fictional character called Santa Claus, and telling children as they grow up every year that this man is real. Then one day as parents you will have to tell your children you lied to them, that this ‘Santas’ magic was never real-or they will find out on their own. And that bond of trust between parent and child loosens, and the child will begin to separate from the parent thinking ‘Im not going to believe anything they tell me again’ ‘just take what they say with a grain of salt’, ‘and I’ll keep my mouth shut about what I do’.

“At least that’s what my brother and I did when we found out mom lied to us about Christmas, we hid ourselves, our emotions and feelings from our mother and a lack of connection began-do you not see this occurring throughout society?”.


This is also idolatry. A deception and replacement for the true king for those who do not see. A continuation of this lie to youth every year will separate them from the truth of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, becasue they don’t know who to trust anymore. I tell you to no longer spread this lie, no longer tell of it anymore or show its images to encourage more to its deceptive nature. Speak the truth instead and repent if you have partaken in its nature, for the Lord will hear your prayers.

3. The most disturbing part of the season is the misuse of the spirit of giving. Which includes the misunderstanding of why we celebrate this time of year, to show God how thankful we our for the gift He hath given us, His Son which saveth us from sin. But every year it becomes about getting the best deals on consumer goods, capitalism and more possessions. This time of year more than ever the possensions possess you. What irony, and the deception satan puts in the mind that when a sign post says ‘sale’ and a fictional character with ‘magic’ the parent can use rewards and punishment to boast their superiority complex over the child and claim it to be the gift of giving. While in many countires with real complecated struggles, need genuine help and giving. 396660_10151139128654205_311192362_n

At a time when we as people are supposed to be thankful for the greatest gift on earth, the saving grace of Jesus Christ we are more ever anxious about money and credit, angry and fighting over stuff even what to get family and friends during this season; there never seems to be a way to please anybody with a simple gift. The gift that makes everyone happy is salvation through Christ, it is that simple but it can be hard to find if you are so consumed in all this-worldly trash.

Stay Vigilant this holiday Season



Almost midnight, half a day gone by and a long prayer had me thinking and talking to God about this recent blog post. About the parallels between this rebellious generation and the rebellious generations of the Israelites. Time and time again the Israelites fell short of Gods commandments, and God sent prophets to tell His people to turn away from the error of their ways, and toward God-toward life. But the people always disobeyed. Then God became flesh, died and resurrected-defeating death and sin which his creation needed help to overcome.

Fast forward to this generation and generations to come. The same deception and sin is still at work and many refuse to take the scriptures for real. How much longer shall we go back and forth with our relationship with God as the Israelites had done? And will this disobedience lead to an exile, or slavery such as happened to the Israelites?

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