How God Picks You

Written by Talon O. Moser

I was in high school, a rebellious teen against God, an avid guitar player and conformed to the behavior of my mates; drinking alcohol, smoking and drugs. It was the thing to do to past the time, to bring about creativity with our music and to get girls. I didn’t care much that this behavior would affect my epilepsy, I just figured I’d stay away from the psychedelics. I had never considered God and in fact forgotten about Him altogether. It didn’t take long till God would show Himself to me, within my heart.

With all the abusive behavior to my body not caring about the vices I had undertaken, I soon had a seizure. But when coming out of this seizure it was different this time, nothing like I had ever experience before and those around me literally could hear and tell others as well. My voice became croaky. No matter how hard I coughed or any liquid I drank it never went away. I had lost my signing voice. This didn’t go well with band practice, as I became a joke. And I let myself alone in the hopes this would heal itself, but it never did. This lasted for over 3 months!

Going to my neurologist, the doctor didn’t even look in my mouth-he insisted that it was stomach acids that must have come up and burned my larynx, but it shouldn’t last this long. So, we went to a nose, ear and throat doctor. This doctor used a camera attached to a mechanical snake small enough to reach into my throat. He was amazed at what he discovered…it was a guitar pick I had been chewing on just before I had the seizure. The doctor was able to pull the guitar pick out. The doctor claimed the way the pick was positioned he was astonished that the pick had not chocked me to death. All three of us, my mother, brother and I listening to the doctor talk stood in both disbelief and amazement.

My life was held in someone else’s hands for those three months I had realized. If not only for those three months then possibly my entire time here on this world I thought. God had planted his ‘mustard seed’ and it actually began to grow. This experience I had was a life or death situation, a life threating situation. But it wasn’t of my own accord or feeling of pride, so it felt so real. I am just so happy I made the right decision to accept Christ in my life now instead of waiting till lying on my death bed. I now know what true freedom is.

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