A Study in Peace

Written by Talon O. Moser

All individuals seek peace in some way. A mother wants her children to be safe, a father wants relations with family to be strong- to maintain traditions, the local veterinarian wants animals better cared for, school teachers want youth educated properly- to do their homework and study. Peace is a feeling of completeness and wholeness that each one of us seeks. Peace cannot be narrowed down to a self-fulfilling ideal, a career one believes will make them whole or a global new world order; a united nations to unite humankind.

Finding peace is a difficult journey- it may require many steps along the way, a road either straight or up a tall mountain. Finding peace requires giving things up which one cannot see or even describe; a memory or frustration that dammed you and held you to a certain point of view. Finding peace helps you realize the power of forgiveness, the power of repentance and prayer.

All this time we had been in denial about the guilt we felt trying to accomplish perfection here in thea0f63522c978d3ad4ac9005ebc1d5004 world-  who wouldn’t shove everything down. We know this world is fallible and see it as a playground to survive in, we had to do what we had to, right? Lie, cheat, steal and put on a fake smile just like everybody else. The longer we continue to stay in denial how we have treated others to survive, those worldly ideals of peace; safe children, strong family traditions, healthy animals, strong education, and a united world becomes a joke, a fantasy. It is time to fix what has been broken. It is a hardship to endure, a long road full of anxiety, but with prayer and focus on Jesus Christ one can rebuild.  

In the 21st century, our generation and those preceding, the peace they seek is truly being challenged. I say this because technology has begun to control the workplace, the home, transportation, conversations, and leisure time. Debate is that technology has always existed, but I say the ‘noise’ has never been this loud to distract us from self-reflection, to distract us from the spirit and a connection with God which is most important. Like the light pollution in the big city, it has gotten so bad no longer can one see the night sky anymore, there is no point looking up, and this is almost where we are heading- a complete state- selfish, absent, and reliable on technology than on one’s own self-reflection. Soon technology will do the thinking and reflecting for humans. And when it comes time to fix what is broken, the broken gets thrown away and replaced with new technology. This apathetic mindset has become the new hipster trend within the hearts of many. 

I propose to you to be ready. To seek the Lord in prayer about what peace He wants for you. Maybe Christ wants you to forgive yourself or someone/something else to move forward. Maybe to let go of vices, of material possessions, and help you realize what matters most. I’m not saying to be a prepper because that’ll just lead to more material vices. We must all lean on the Lord for He provides all things. But if anything does happen- the electric grid going out, transportation halting, a natural disaster, your home gone, business gone, death of a family member or pet. What will you cling to- your vice or Christ. Because Jesus will comfort you all the way through at no cost and heal you. He will make you Whole. He is peace and He is love and every one of us in the world must cleave to Him first.   

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