Book Review : anxious for nothing

Finding Calm in a Chaotic World

Book Review by Talon O. Moser
I am an avid reader of not only the Bible, but inspired Christian authors, DIY books and the sciences to have a better understanding of the world around me. I was introduced to novelist and bestselling author Max Lucado through his work “anxious for nothing; Finding Calm in a Chaotic World”. As a Christian I am well aware of sin and repentance, but it is the devil’s devices that Max speaks about which creates anxiety, thus leading to sin.IMG_0200
Max Lucado utilizes biblical references and unique experience to intertwine simple examples when Satan’s grip may become too strong, to rely on the saving grace of our Lord. It is a very inspiring book.
I recommend this book to anyone facing peril, paranoia, or grieving. And if you know of anyone trying to overcome these emotions on their own, donate this book to them. I pray it will inspire and help as it did me while I was facing financial issues.
God Bless.


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