A Distracted Heart is a Distracted Marriage

Written by Talon O. Moser

Marriage is an eternal covenant illustrated within the scriptures of the Bible. It is the prime example, and standard God set for the relationship between a man and a woman formed. And only between a man and woman shall the covenant remain in harmony and peace, but under two conditions.  The two within the union must be both equally yoked, that is put God first and accept salvation through His son Jesus Christ. Without the Father, Son, or the Holy Spirit in this union a power struggle will begin to emerge between the two over what is right or wrong, bad or good, and what should be kept or left behind.

Why does what I say have meaning? Christ had asked men to be the head of the household, but to love their wives as Jesus Christ loved the church. Many women have a problem with the men being head of the house, BUT don’t forget Christ died for the church, he loved the church so much he sacrificed Himself. This is the love Christ wants men to have for their wives. These are the leaders Christ wants men to become if they are to be husbands and disciples. The purpose Christ had in mind for the women was NOT to shut up and do as told. The wife is very important for her husband, for she is his consular. Woman can be intellectual or caring, and with the Holy Spirit God will use them to care and help others.

Even still after God has offered the world salvation, we refuse to repent. I shall go further into detail how the ego mind and the emotional sin of pride separates man and woman either in marriage, or ever becoming one under the love and peace of Jesus Christ.

The ego in the male reacts differently with worldly stimuli than the ego of the female mind. This is due to a law of natural experiences. Each species of sex has different personal experiences, organs, and hormones that affect how they perceive reality.

With the male specimen, the ego or the emotional sin pride is due to the increase hormone of testosterone, and the male genitalia. The testosterone leads to an increased frequency of masturbation, compared to females. This sense of pride creates aggression, frustration, violence, and narcissism to a higher level than the female species. The male species when unaware how to keep in check their emotions when hormone levels peak is capable of destructive, manipulative behavior in a mind that believes they own or are greater than the world, and increased apathy.  Men protect and maintain the group. Taking that testosterone rush and utilizing it to reason and rationalize to figure the best plan of action. Unfortualty, minds who are distracted are incapable of “being leaders” or “maintaining a relationship”.

The female specimen differs from the male because the female undergoes many personal pains. Every month the female sheds her uterine lining which is painful and can be embarrassing. The process of rearing a new born creates vomiting, sickness, nausea, tiredness, and many other complications. Birthing the child itself is very painful and messy. When compared to the male ego and sense of pride, what the female experiences in nature creates a more personal sense of self and of the world than the male species. This does not mean a female would not get angry, violent, or manipulative, on the contrary. They instead emit these personal emotions for a more specific nature, per se protecting their child, their husband, or values– whatever has meaning to them. Unfortualty, the minds of females have become distracted by body image, stature, and culture. Women have become more apathetic toward men in our current culture. Relying on news broadcastings, entertainment, and not forgiving past heartbreaks. They have become bad consolers on Gods behalf.

It is not the purpose to point blame to either species of sex. Both are responsible for their bloated pride and inability to admit they are sinners and have a problem with pride. More importantly to target how that sin triggers further sinful behavior, especially toward the opposite sex and how one of their gender should be proper. Salvation through Jesus Christ transforms us, it is a difficult transformation. It is how the Bible describes making you a new man and casting out the old man. But must more complicated than taking a nasty mouth and turning into a soft-spoken tongue. The transformation is done for all God’s people, men and women making you your true personalities, not these facades or actors we see on camera. There will be no need for instant gratification from the world, as the majority seek likes and subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. You will be content will what God has given no matter the situation is the best I can describe. And in any relationship when a conflict arises that contentment is most needed to get through.

God Bless


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