Book Review: Mere Christianity

Book Review by Talon O. Moser

I am an avid reader of not only the Bible, but inspired Christian authors, DIY books and the sciences to have a better understanding of the world around me. I had just finished reading a novel Mere Christianity written by novelist Clive Staples Lewis. The imagery and inspiration I will not forget. I had also written notes and highlights throughout the book.

As you read it you will find it is filled with a colorful palette combining theology, IMG_0220scriptures, analogies, and inspiring statements by the author. C. S. Lewis writes about commonly discussed, or misunderstood topics in Christianity in this novel.

This novel can be a complicated read for novice readers, and for anybody who not interested in Christianity. Therefore, I only recommend it for anyone taking that leap into salvation, or has already accepted Christ as their savoir. This book will help answer any questions you have, or inspire new questions to ask God about and seek.

God Bless.

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