Book Review: The Great Divorce

Book Review by Talon O. Moser

I am an avid reader of not only the Bible, but inspired Christian authors, DIY books and the sciences to have a better understanding of the world around me.  This December I have taken a liking to Clive S. Lewis novels. Fully unaware about the experience the novelist has in writing, and his style as a writer. I had only heard of Lewis being quoted from speakers for inspiration and as another just testimony for Gods righteousness.

This recent book, The Great Divorce written by C. S. Lewis is a fictional novel without scripture, butIMG_0224 Lewis wraps the plot in Gods moral righteousness, how God defines right and wrong. It is full of poetry which took myself a while to understand, and even comprehend the storyline. I had to cheat and look it up. It simply is about ghosts that find a way from Hell into Heaven. Upon gradually seeking further onto the light of Heaven the Ghosts encounter many challenges; Spirits, harsh environments, and letting go of control. The Spirits try to help the ghosts, so they may be able to enter Heaven. Most refuse unable to let go of their sin, and some make the choice to give it to God.

The best part is the poetry that eludes how sin holds us back, as the reader finds through each ghosts’ decision to either return to Hell or change to enter Heaven. The road to Hell is paved and easy to walk down and many follow this path. The road to Heaven is rough, rocky and is filled with suffering.

I would recommend the book to anyone. It is a fascinating story showing how change, and letting go is most important to move forward in the right direction. And that holding on to people and situations that one cannot control will only drive one apart from joy, peace, and hope.

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God Bless.      

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