In Jesus’s Name; Resolusion of All Restitution

Written by Talon O. Moser

Renew your spirit, a new year is upon us! Many people are unaware what the New Years’ celebrations represent around the world for when the Earth reaches this specific spot in orbit rounding the sun, why is this location so special? It has nothing to do with the choice to lose weight, make better financial decisions or work on a relationship. It is the beginning of when the Sun furthers ascends from the horizon and the days gradually become longer. As in the previous early winter-late fall months, the days become short as the Sun grew closer toward the horizon as it scales across the sky. Many people criticize that once they walk out of work at 5pm it is already pitch-black outside, and very eerie. But there is always light in darkness the Lord our God tells us. Once the New Year comes around it is a whole new year for longer days for new growth, not only for food and production, but for our minds, spirits, and bodies.

Many things were sought and fought for the year of 2017, out of fear, anger, and passion. Unfortunately, all of which were for the world; war and rumors of war, killings and conspiracy killings, complete apathy and lack of faith. Most people lost hope, either in the system, even themselves letting their behavior go AWOL all because their leaders made changes.

Now a new year 2018 has emerged and we all have the choice to continue to act irresponsibly, to believe the control is either in the hands of the few or our own…ill tell you it is in our own hands. But to maintain this ‘control’ we must all be a role model which first stems from Jesus Christ. Christ is the role model for every one of us. Make that your New Years resolution, to be more Christ like, to follow in Jesus’s footsteps. Because every other resolution will be on that path. It is the resolution of all resolution.

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God Bless.


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