Miracle on Village II Drive

Written by Talon O. Moser

For those who are still reading but are skeptical about the God of Israel, I have a story of my own to share with you how God works miracles in our lives. It is not as awe shocking as the exile from Egypt or the plagues in Egypt, or when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It was a simple divine orchestration and in my heart, I knew what I wanted, but at the time I had no idea until the ending how it all fitted together.

No character detail is necessary, but to set the plot we must go a week before New Year’s Eve 2017, my brother a military man, had come to visit during a short leave before he left again on another tour in the Middle East. Only this time he would leave me with a live artifact, a cute Siberian Husky named Honey. I pray I see him again to pick her up. If by any chance the unfortunate happens, I will always see his eyes in that dog’s stare as I do now. Anyways…prior to New Year’s Eve night, my brother’s plans to leave are in play and I had to work till 9pm. It was already planned that he wasn’t going to leave till midnight, so I was fine assuming working till 9pm will be okay.

While at work my co-workers asked me if I wanted to switch shifts and leave earlier. I immediately said yes. My response and thinking were “to spend more time with my brother until he leaves at midnight”. So, I was able to switch shifts and leave as early as 8pm. At this point I was completely unaware of what God had done for me. The only thing I would consider phenomenon would be the moment when my co-worker confirmed that she could switch with our boss, and I told our boss I have no problem leaving early-there was electronic interference with the machine I was using. It completely stopped working for 30sec (like froze) then started working again, rendering all the commands I put in previously. I even recall being spiritually stunned and saying, “I think something has changed” (not refereeing to the machine, but to reality)

It is 8pm, and I don’t take my time clocking out and getting out the door. I walk outside, and it is downpouring snow. Thank God, I work right across the street, so I am less than a block away, and I see his car lights on and exhaust running. I knew immediately something was up and this was a miracle that I just got out of work at this time. As I was walking closer to the door It was beginning to make sense, that he was leaving earlier because of the snow storm-so I assumed. I don’t know why God had my brother leave earlier than his planned time. But it blew my mind that God had brought me home early to properly say goodbye to him and tell him I love him, instead having him walking into my place of work saying he must head out early.

This is a testimony of the many blessings God brings about within our lives. Many of them are so hard to notice because they may seem minute, but they are there. Thank you, God for your Kingdom.

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God Bless.



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