Telepathy: The Next Era in Human Communication

Written by Talon Moser

Do you think the Internet is the last mark for human communication, or that human beings are capable of creating another step and putting their foot on that step without thinking about the repercussions? I think it is possible and that this next step is telepathy.

I remember when we received our first computer in the mid 90s, though I can’t recall the brand, but I know compared to 21st century technology it is now trash. At the time I was an ecstatic young boy just happy to play more video games, and then a few years later we had gotten the Internet. Only 32 percent of people owned a computer during that time, and now almost 2020 almost 90 percent have a way to connect to the Internet.

The Internet is both your typical and strange plane of existence if anyone is to take time to explore it. I’m sure there is an infinite amount of content and opinions to view and learn from, one can never get bored only exhausted from looking through the world wide web and it is exhausting.

Continually I hear individuals reminisce about their childhood and teenage youth, a sort of nostalgia through what the net calls ‘memes’ and how the technology of that time hadn’t much effect upon their lives as it does now on the 21st century generation. Conversations are much all the same, more or less alike about individuals’ behaviors and attitudes; not playing outdoors enough or a decreasing attention span than all the previous years due to gradually advances in technology like computers, phones, cars, TVs or radios. I myself use a computer to write continually, it is my practical application and I have nothing against those that know code to keep the website up so my blog stays posted. But I kept an open-mind because certain trends I have noticed. But it has nothing to do with driving and texting, or using your phone too much and depression, sorry. I’ll write another post for those ones.

I was asked what I could recall about my past, about how much different I felt reality. I told the gentlemen it was all the same to me. That there have been gradual modifications in technology going from analog to digital, standard definition to high definition, and the gradual increases in increments such as battery life, CPU, memory, RAM, GPU, etc. This was all due in the process to explore Gods creation having use and manipulate the material on His creation to create new synthetics for advanced technology. Though I have heard other theories that ‘the fallen angels’ have been giving human beings this new technology or a way to process it gradually throughout the years.

But I said to the men after a deep thought, what truly changes a civilization is not a simple technology such as a phone or television-it is a way of communication, when language is introduced. I explained to them that I truly remembered when the Internet was introduced, (World Wide Web) that was a profound time for me. It was not the introduction of the Discman, Sega Genesis, or PlayStation, it was the first-time people could communicate all sorts of information seamlessly through chat pages and web pages, to share ideas, base opinions, gossip, hook-up or cause trouble.
The next era of human communication I believe will be the discovery of telepathy. An ability for an individual to hear another’s thoughts and transmit their thoughts toward another seamlessly. It would be like Facebook without the phone, computer or VR headset; but instead a microchip in the head. I don’t think VR will go too far due to covering the eyes. VR will have its great purposes. But a device, a microchip in the brain to send signals to a group of individuals can help in medicine, and the military…the two main fields this technology will first start to be used and developed first. This I’m sure of before they will sell it to the public. The internet was used in the military and for medicine before introduced to the public, this is why I believe the same will happen for the next stage of communication.
I am sure it will have many problems. And that this is something the Bible warns of. For we are sinners and if our thoughts are not pure, not Christ like this new tech even though it may trend will create frustration, Hate and violence. Individuals able to hear the thoughts of another, of lust, hate, greed, pride, etc. can turn into all sorts of interesting lawsuits, hate crimes and crude behavioral acts.
The exact opposite will happen too. Innovation and ideas will converge and multiply. These amazing ideas will bloom and be created. Compassion and empathy will find each other. Alike minds all ambitious and truly selfless will find each other to create great things.


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