About The Writer

My name is Talon Moser and I am a born-again Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. Like all people I was born into sin and had no relationship with God. I rebelled against God and mocked His son, and the love Jesus taught his followers encouraging them to spread to others. Not at all did I realize what I considered love was a false interpretation. My rebellious nature kept me naïve whether I had an abundance or nothing, I was never happy and disappointed with my life circumstances. Growing up with epilepsy, and continuing to have seizures made me hate my life even further, as well as God. Individuals had tried to talk to me about Jesus and the love and peace he taught, but my cynical thinking got in the way.

It took God to bring me down to my lowest point, to take everything away as He took everything from the Israelites when they rebelled to notice He pays attention and feels sorrow when His children turn against Him. it has been a long journey now that I have noticed the wisdom of God by accepted Jesus Christ into my heart, and fervently reading and studying the word of God. I also took the next step to get baptized as an outwardIMG_0202 expression to show others that I have accepted Christ into my life.

Prayer had never been a part of my life, but now I pray every night, before meals, for friends, family and strangers and on walks. I still do not have much, and so often an abundance comes my way, but now I am not disappointed with my life. Christ has made me new. The Lord had helped me finish college graduating in journalism. I always had an uneasy feeling about a journalism in a secular career with ‘toxic’ nature of people. Even still trying hard to find a job in the journalism department, God hadn’t let it happen, so instead I migrated to an old position; my mom’s apartment and recent job at a retail store. I didn’t want this to hold back the new skills I had learned the fire as well burning in my spirit to share God’s word and how He works in my life and throughout the world. As described by Jesus and in the book of Acts, the next step is to share the grace of God and the truth that the power of Jesus Christ holds. Most importantly nobody wants anybody to be deceived by the devil, or dammed to hellfire for eternity. So, I pray and encourage you to read and inquire about my blog writings and testimonies to develop your relationship with Jesus Christ and share them with everyone.


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