Satan’s Super Bowl Sunday

Football is an American pastime, which has grown into more than just game strategy, teamwork, and fandom. But football has changed, not because of player trades or deflate gate, or kneeling for the pledge of allegiance- it is something more sinister, something hiding in plain sight. Ever since the television and Internet has been used advertising players, and marketing teams. Corporations have been waiting for the moment every year, Super Bowl Sunday to blast the entire country with the best content they have for products.

Have you ever tried picking apart your favorite movie, cartoon, a commercial, a halftime show; the music, lyrics, script, body language, back-drop, props, or co-stars- the devil is always in the details. There will always be a product or agenda to sell to the public. And if you are not vigilant the mind will soak up the content with ease into the subconscious to expel for another time. Usually when there is a trigger. This is how most vices or sin are introduced into the mind, from television shows first as a visual innuendo or satire- cartoons, gross images or comical skits work best because it gets the viewers’ attention (fight or flight). It also depends on the demographic.

Later in age those easily impressionable skits subconsciously connect the dots in the minds cognition for you but in an irrational manner. For example, as a child watching a commercial promoting a game called Crossfire, it was shot frame by frame quickly giving the effect the game was very thrilling. They also put flames bursting in the commercial for the same added effect. Every kid wanted the game. Turned out it wasn’t as thrilling and got boring quick.

In television, a cartoon I watched called Ren and Stimpy had sexual innuendos, anger, rape, theft, and death throughout the cartoon. As I got older like most men I had a huge problem with lust, anger, hate, greed, and fear. This was only from one show I watched off television. There are many like this promoting many sins and agendas.

Many people in the U.S have televisions, even more than one, and I’m sure they will all be tuned into the Super Bowl, either to watch the game, the half time show or the commercials. But I say to all of you. Do not be fooled! Many of those watching will be filled with alcohol and snacks which is a conduit to help the programming of the mind but stay vigilant. If you truly want to be free, guard your mind first.


To those who believe the actors and creators of these movies, shows, cartoons, music and ads should be praised, should be role models and put on a pedestal you are fooled. Their actions are opposite that of God, and they do only to please themselves and their handlers, not their fans. I advise any of you to do independent research.


fear is a powerful emotion.

Fear of Never Achieving Anything at All

Fear of Never Graduating

Fear of Never Finding a Job

Fear of Never Finding Love

Fear of Being the Underdog

Fear of Taking a Risk

Fear of Being Wrong

Fear of Death

Fear of Global Warming

Fear of Famine

Fear of War

Fear of Never Having Children

Fear of losing Your Family

Fear of losing Your Career

Fear of losing Your Bank Account

Fear of losing Your Friends

Fear of Having Nothing

Fear of Being Homeless

Fear of Always Feeling Broken

Fear of Being Alone

Fear of Feeling Lonely

Fear of Surrendering

Fear That There is Hope

Fear of God


-see this short list, many people suppress these emotions until eventually they snap. Don’t let that be you. Seek God.