Testimony of Kelly Nicole Smith

Written by Kelly Nicole Smith

My name is Kelly Nicole Smith, I am 20 as I’m writing this. I’m a Christian. I was raised Catholic, baptized as an infant. My family and I went to the Catholic Church. When we moved, we didn’t go to church anymore because things got a lot harder for us as a family. Christ really wasn’t the center of our lives anymore and that we have kind of have fallen out of our Faith. I have suffered a great deal in my early teenage years with many things going on. Having thoughts in my head constantly drowning me, making me think I was completely nothing. I’ve got into doing horrible things to myself doubting my worth, and not accepting myself as the way God has made me physically was very hard for me. Comparing myself to other humans around me was my biggest problem. With all 221AB35B-F237-4BE3-AC7A-BCA7B0D58188the family issues at the time and things not going the way “we wanted them to” it was just a lot adding up and at this point I thought why? Just why would a loving God make me go through this, God hates us. Then why can’t He make me happy. I have fallen into the “darkness”, I couldn’t even hear God anymore nor did He exist to me. He wasn’t my life anymore, I couldn’t seem to find Him. I felt so lost and I was so overpowered with what the world was offering rather than listening to God’s Word and reaching out to Him. But I do believe somehow, some way, the Lord has called out to me. For some reason…but why?

I don’t know but it made me realize…He wanted a relationship with me. He needed me, and I needed Him. This was the time. The great breakthrough. From that point forward, I began to find myself searching more about Jesus, I studied many different religions, just doing my own research, and erasing the world and to what was around me. After finding and learning the truth of everything, how great our Lord is, I started seeking Him to give Him a shot. I prayed Day and Night, started going back to church, reading my Bible everyday got baptized again and this was it. I felt that change, that acceptance…. Love….Joy…inner Peace. I believe my sins were forgiven. When you allow Christ to be the center of your life, you have truly lived. God’s gifts and His wonders are so beautiful and once you experience His goodness you’ve experienced Love. I am here today to keep spreading the Word of Jesus, we are on this Walk together…this journey together. The pages of our stories are still being written. We are the pencil and God is the eraser, Trust God. But as this journey continues, I promise you, He is greater than anything in this world and if you accept the Lord right now, and let God take control. You will experience the Gift of life and Love and your Walk will continue all the days of your life.

Pray for Kelly and her journey.