Television Destroying Families

Written by Talon Moser

The illuminating box that first began as cathode ray tubes barely creating a visible moving picture now decades later an advanced high definition quality LED picture memorizing millions and creating star actors on the Hollywood Hills in California is a psychological and spiritual phenomenon. It is meant as a form of entertainment during a time of relaxation from a hard day’s work, but the viewer in many studies ends up idolizes the plots, characters and actors. Wishing their lives were that care free with the big houses, servants and all the money to spend on food, cars and booze.


This type of daydreaming of a lavish lifestyle from your typical low-income worker which in majority of the population of the world creates a problem when the many become desperate for this lust for fame and fortune. It can lead to drug abuse and addiction, betting one another to do stunts to attribute fame or even robbery and murder for adrenaline rushes. Plainly because it was all seen in film. What the ‘victims’ don’t realize is they are becoming brainwashed or programed from televised programming and advisements to ‘fit in and become part of the trend’.

From experience it does not bring family and friends together I had come to realize. Even with one television in the room there is arguing over what channel to watch, eventual the argument is won over through the parent deciding what to watch. Televisions have become very cheap, leaving even the poorest households to contain at least two. This may had remedied the previous problem but now family and friends separate themselves from one another willing to isolate themselves over a box that simulates illusions.


None of it is truly real what emits from the television, yet we all surround ourselves with a little bit of this illusion based on our beliefs and values. Values and beliefs are very powerful to the human condition, they go deeper than consciousness into the spiritual realm. I believe watching enough television without awareness how the program is trying to influence your mind can manipulate your values and beliefs. When I was young, about the age of 10-years old I and my brother got cable for the first time and it was so amazing. It wasn’t till fifteen years later I realized that the cartoons we watched on what I thought was a children’s program portrayed extremely provocative sexual and cynical scenes. This actual had a first impression on my young mind on how I now first visualize situations now as an adult; lust and cynicism has become a problem which I am now working on.

The modern world now puts these sins in plain sight on the television for all to see. I didn’t have the Internet when I was young, but now the Internet is very influential and there are a lot of iniquities for young minds, or impressable minds unaware how these programs use sin to manipulate the brain.


Throughout life our experiences will vary, but this force that moves through us all which contours our values and belief does not. Television had become a revolution in art, taking pictures and putting them in motion. This had allowed experiences to be put into ‘perspective’ but also manipulated. Therefore, anybody watching a television program without knowledge of the reality of the situation gradually creates a false value and belief. This eventually became a great idea to use when selling products for companies. When selling cloths, healthcare products, or cloths to dress your pets. The programing from the television and the creators behind the curtain became creative over the years changing their tactics with the times leading to the most outrageous trends such as demonic arts, shootings, protests, and behavioral outrages. This is only from TV shows, movies and the ads in between. The advertising companies really try to hit their demographics during major events like the super bowl or the primary election. Now that the television is the main intrusion in the home there is no peace for a reasonable rational conversation.


Even with the simplest thing as a young growing girl going through puberty, and her mom would want to talk about sex. The daughter would act like she knows it all, walk away, lie and avoid mom and the conversation only to seek refuge to a TV idol or a friend whom has the same insecurities. I had this revelation when I realized a divide between my mother and I in this home. It began not when I first arrived back home, we used to watch movies regularly together and make comments about the plot and actors even talk about God during the film. Gradually we gravitated away from this…I do remember when I had gotten a laptop and spent more time on that at first until I built a new PC with a high definition monitor- now I could watch whatever I wanted in peace in my own room. My mom, she watched TV in the living room, then someone offered another television and she put that in her room and now she watches TV in her room laying on her bed almost non-stop. So, we have 2 TVs, 3 computers and one laptop. My mom has been non-stop focused on the news ever since Trump became president. Myself, I write blogs on the computer and when I need to take a break from reading I binge watch TV or movies. Both of us are inside majority the time unless we are at work. This is very unfortunate. It makes me wonder what it does to my brain physically and physiologically. I have yet to do independent research on others that have the same habit. This may just be a correlation. This type of habit could affect my sleep, length of life, weight, back pain, memory, sight, hearing, attention, etc.


I can only deduce through theory that through manipulation of fear propaganda in film tactics and news such as end of the world movies, global warming, climate change, nuke weapon exchanges, threats from foreign countries, terrorism, unwillingness to compromise from leaders, etc. All of this in the viewers face staring them with the flashing blue haze of the television, computer or smartphone screen is subconsciously manipulating and triggering behaviors. Feeding a beast within, and I am here to say be aware and do not let this happen to you or your children.


God, Baked Goods and Sorrow

Is there something you can never stop getting enough of because it’s so good! It reminds me when the holidays roll around and family all gets together. And my family loves to bake! it becomes a contest between who can either eat the most and who will get diabetes first. There are all assorted types of baked goods from cakes, pies, chips, fruits, Jell-Os’ and my favorite-Christmas cookies. Everything is so delicious and I try to eat a little of everything and then have a little more later. But that all changes if one thing is brought to the table-cheesecake with strawberries. If the cheesecake shows up I will only eat that for dessert because that truly satisfies me more than all the cookies or pies at the table ever could.


I use this analogy to explain to you and remind me the difference how laughter and sorrow has helped relieve emotional stress and seek happiness and peace.


Scripture in Ecclesiastes chapter 7: 3-4 says Sorrow is better than laughter, for by a sad countenance the heart is made better. 4 The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.hear-my-cry-lament


Ecclesiastes reminded me both of when I had laughed and loved when winning our family cookie eating contests and didn’t pass out, but most especially had a good cry, like a really good piece of strawberry cheesecake. During that cry, that time of mourning I was my true self, I was vulnerable, selfless and true to God and He heard me. All the times I had laughed hard with friends, movie showings, Internet pictures and videos, and while the list of baked goods goes on it could never trump an emotional pour out to God.  A moment when everyone knows we need to be alone and cry at one time in our life. Even if it’s just a couple tears, it must mean something in that moment, right…don’t suppress that emotion-acknowledge it in your heart.




Miracle on Village II Drive

Written by Talon O. Moser

For those who are still reading but are skeptical about the God of Israel, I have a story of my own to share with you how God works miracles in our lives. It is not as awe shocking as the exile from Egypt or the plagues in Egypt, or when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. It was a simple divine orchestration and in my heart, I knew what I wanted, but at the time I had no idea until the ending how it all fitted together.

No character detail is necessary, but to set the plot we must go a week before New Year’s Eve 2017, my brother a military man, had come to visit during a short leave before he left again on another tour in the Middle East. Only this time he would leave me with a live artifact, a cute Siberian Husky named Honey. I pray I see him again to pick her up. If by any chance the unfortunate happens, I will always see his eyes in that dog’s stare as I do now. Anyways…prior to New Year’s Eve night, my brother’s plans to leave are in play and I had to work till 9pm. It was already planned that he wasn’t going to leave till midnight, so I was fine assuming working till 9pm will be okay.

While at work my co-workers asked me if I wanted to switch shifts and leave earlier. I immediately said yes. My response and thinking were “to spend more time with my brother until he leaves at midnight”. So, I was able to switch shifts and leave as early as 8pm. At this point I was completely unaware of what God had done for me. The only thing I would consider phenomenon would be the moment when my co-worker confirmed that she could switch with our boss, and I told our boss I have no problem leaving early-there was electronic interference with the machine I was using. It completely stopped working for 30sec (like froze) then started working again, rendering all the commands I put in previously. I even recall being spiritually stunned and saying, “I think something has changed” (not refereeing to the machine, but to reality)

It is 8pm, and I don’t take my time clocking out and getting out the door. I walk outside, and it is downpouring snow. Thank God, I work right across the street, so I am less than a block away, and I see his car lights on and exhaust running. I knew immediately something was up and this was a miracle that I just got out of work at this time. As I was walking closer to the door It was beginning to make sense, that he was leaving earlier because of the snow storm-so I assumed. I don’t know why God had my brother leave earlier than his planned time. But it blew my mind that God had brought me home early to properly say goodbye to him and tell him I love him, instead having him walking into my place of work saying he must head out early.

This is a testimony of the many blessings God brings about within our lives. Many of them are so hard to notice because they may seem minute, but they are there. Thank you, God for your Kingdom.

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God Bless.



In Jesus’s Name; Resolusion of All Restitution

Written by Talon O. Moser

Renew your spirit, a new year is upon us! Many people are unaware what the New Years’ celebrations represent around the world for when the Earth reaches this specific spot in orbit rounding the sun, why is this location so special? It has nothing to do with the choice to lose weight, make better financial decisions or work on a relationship. It is the beginning of when the Sun furthers ascends from the horizon and the days gradually become longer. As in the previous early winter-late fall months, the days become short as the Sun grew closer toward the horizon as it scales across the sky. Many people criticize that once they walk out of work at 5pm it is already pitch-black outside, and very eerie. But there is always light in darkness the Lord our God tells us. Once the New Year comes around it is a whole new year for longer days for new growth, not only for food and production, but for our minds, spirits, and bodies.

Many things were sought and fought for the year of 2017, out of fear, anger, and passion. Unfortunately, all of which were for the world; war and rumors of war, killings and conspiracy killings, complete apathy and lack of faith. Most people lost hope, either in the system, even themselves letting their behavior go AWOL all because their leaders made changes.

Now a new year 2018 has emerged and we all have the choice to continue to act irresponsibly, to believe the control is either in the hands of the few or our own…ill tell you it is in our own hands. But to maintain this ‘control’ we must all be a role model which first stems from Jesus Christ. Christ is the role model for every one of us. Make that your New Years resolution, to be more Christ like, to follow in Jesus’s footsteps. Because every other resolution will be on that path. It is the resolution of all resolution.

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God Bless.


Book Review: The Great Divorce

Book Review by Talon O. Moser

I am an avid reader of not only the Bible, but inspired Christian authors, DIY books and the sciences to have a better understanding of the world around me.  This December I have taken a liking to Clive S. Lewis novels. Fully unaware about the experience the novelist has in writing, and his style as a writer. I had only heard of Lewis being quoted from speakers for inspiration and as another just testimony for Gods righteousness.

This recent book, The Great Divorce written by C. S. Lewis is a fictional novel without scripture, butIMG_0224 Lewis wraps the plot in Gods moral righteousness, how God defines right and wrong. It is full of poetry which took myself a while to understand, and even comprehend the storyline. I had to cheat and look it up. It simply is about ghosts that find a way from Hell into Heaven. Upon gradually seeking further onto the light of Heaven the Ghosts encounter many challenges; Spirits, harsh environments, and letting go of control. The Spirits try to help the ghosts, so they may be able to enter Heaven. Most refuse unable to let go of their sin, and some make the choice to give it to God.

The best part is the poetry that eludes how sin holds us back, as the reader finds through each ghosts’ decision to either return to Hell or change to enter Heaven. The road to Hell is paved and easy to walk down and many follow this path. The road to Heaven is rough, rocky and is filled with suffering.

I would recommend the book to anyone. It is a fascinating story showing how change, and letting go is most important to move forward in the right direction. And that holding on to people and situations that one cannot control will only drive one apart from joy, peace, and hope.

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God Bless.      

Be Baptized

Written by Talon O. Moser

If you are a born again Christian and haven’t been baptized, go, and get baptized now. Go and proclaim your salvation and love of God as an outward expression to the masses, to the community and your church. This is the next step onward onto the raging sea of Galilee, but Jesus Christ will guide you all the way with love, peace, joy, and hope.

If you have sought salvation in Christs’ name truly, telling God that you believe in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And have asked for forgiveness of your sins, and to be transformed by the Holy Spirit, God will keep His word. This is our internal expression, one we share between God and ourselves to develop that relationship with God. As we develop this relationship, God will ask us andwhy-be-baptized urge us to publicize that relationship-formally as a Christian baptism being “born-again”, or “transformed” into a new man.

Matthew 28:19, 20 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

Acts 2:38 “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.”

Accepting salvation in Jesus Christs name, repenting of our sins and baptism is a journey-there may bepb-120221-baptism-jb-01.photoblog900 backsliding or a lukewarm nature to one’s faith, but this is due to the flesh. We must be aware of this and be aware of how we can transform ourselves to cast away bad habits and vices and become new in Christ. Continue your prayers with God and repentance.  

Baptism is a symbol, an experience, a transformation that reveals newness and mirrors the events that Jesus Christ went through. As our bodies emerge into the water, stay under, then come back up is a representation of Christs’ death, burial, and resurrection. A representation of how Christ defeated death and through Him we can too.

Romans 6:3-6 “Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? Therefore, we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection: Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin.”baptism

So, go get baptized and spread the word of God

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Have You Been Naughty Or Nice This Year?

Fractured Faith Blog

At this time of the year children all around the world unite and traditionally engage in the damage limitation exercise known as ‘The Naughty Or Nice List’. Wherein they attempt to rectify eleven months of misbehaviour and disobedience by falling over themselves to perform household chores, which they had blissfully ignored for the rest of the year, and suck up to their parents in any way possible in the hope that, come Christmas morning, they won’t be waking up to a whole lot of nothing.

‘Santa has been watching and knows if you have been naughty or nice’ we proclaim sternly in the vain hope that it will spur them on to tidy their pits (I mean bedrooms), bring down their dirty washing (before it walks down the stairs itself) and solve the age old conundrum of where have all the cups gone (I believe Rebecca hold the current record…

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